Autonomous Commercial
Service Robot
Boom at one touch.
Autonomous Localization and Navigation
The multi-sensor fusion technology,based on LIDAR, machine vision, depth senor, etc., has the ability to locate and navigate high precisely indoors
Peanut can run smoothly and stably indoors even in the complex environment.
Vivid Expression Show
Based on a powerful AI interactive engine, a number of bionic and vivid expression packages can be customized to show the human-like emotions as happy, angry,sorrow etc., making communication more interesting.
Multi Robots Collaboration
—— Makes It More Powerfull ——
With a powerful planning system, Multiple robots can cooperate with each other smoothly at the same working environment, elevating the efficiency, reducing the cost,
improving the service level and giving customers more intelligent experience.
Robots in our lives
The robot can serve in restaurants, star hotels, hospitals, business offices, banks, post offices, commercial real estates, airports,etc., upgrading work flow, reducing operation costs and helping enterprises achieve intelligent management.
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