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KEENON ROBOT partnership plan
Keenon Robotics is not only a platform for developing automatic robot, production and sales, but also an intelligent solution provider. We sincerely invite partners to create a new ecology of intelligent service.
Why us?
  • Strong Adaptability
    High precision indoor navigation can be achieved in a complex environment with the combination of sensors like lidar, machine vision, depth vision and our professional data fusion technology.
  • Rich service
    Attract flow and gather the guest;Usher and lead the way;Information display;Intelligent service;Voice interaction;Emotion recognition;Teleconferencing;Face recognition
  • Cost effective
    One-off investment, all the year round,The price is 1/3 of the same product.
  • Widely used
    Low cost and general platform, Superstructure for customization of particular scene. Meet the needs of various industries.
What partners are we looking for?
Shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks, post offices, exhibition halls, government offices, business offices, finance, airports, stations, communities and entertainment. We  sincerely invite cooperation with the person or group who have any customer resources above.
Multidimensional cooperation support
  • Policy support

    Low threshold cooperation, zero base cooperation.
  • Brand support

    Continuous provision for brand ‘Keenon’ and media such as news, brand publicity, video advertising of Keenon robot
  • Conference support

    Support the partnersundefined marketing meeting and salon.
  • Training support

    Provide field / video training, such as application scenarios, sales patterns, and so on, allowing partners to quickly become experts.
  • Material support

    Provide Business album, product handbook, advertising materials and so on.
  • Operational support

    Monthly data analysis and guidance, planning related activities.
  • Regional protection

    Provide regional protection policy.
  • Deal base

    High quality of quarter sales performance will  receive generous rebate incentive.
Diversified cooperation policies - low cost, low threshold, low task
  • Flexibly

    Rentable and Marketable
  • Open and transparent

    The incentive policy is open and transparent, and every partner is respected.
  • Low unit price

    Cooperator will take delivery of the object at low discount prices
  • Maintenance

    Share the maintenance technology to partners to keep continuous high quality service.
  • Field support

    Support partners to hold meetings and salons with personnel and materials.
  • Dynamic

    We will continue to develop new products and to improve the competitiveness of our products.
  • Generous reward

    Quarterly task reward. Huge return will be provided after the goals being reached.
  • Professional training

    rovide a full range of professional knowledge training for partners,including telephone training, video training, and on-the-spot training.

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